What's new in 2023?

This season, we are focused on 3 new and not so new viruses: Influenza (Flu), Covid-19 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

There are vaccines available for all of these and WCHC strongly recommends you staying up to date to keep yourself and our community as safe as possible. All of these vaccines are available at pharmacies. We will have limited supplies for those unable to get vaccines at the pharmacy. 


  • FLU: Seasonal flu vaccinations are available in Sonoma County starting in August. WCHC recommends every eligible person 6-months and older get this annually. See below for additional information and click here for additional information from the CDC. 


  • COVID-19: We anticipate a new COVID-19 booster to be available this Fall. Much like the annual flu vaccine, it looks like we will have annual COVID vaccines/boosters at least for the foreseeable future. Most people should have a booster every 12 months and medically vulnerable may get this more often. Please click here for additional information from the CDC. 


  • RSV: During 2022 we saw a big increase in RSV, especially among our older community members. For this reason, we are following guidelines and recommend all persons 60 and older get this vaccine (only available at pharmacies). There may be monoclonal antibodies available for the very young which will provide 2-3 months of protection (please check in with us later in Fall as we will know more at that time). Please click here for additional information from the CDC. 

Flu Vaccination 2023

All patients should receive their flu vaccines at their local pharmacy whenever possible. The following local pharmacies will be offering flu shots: Sebastopol Family Pharmacy, Lark Drugs, Forestville Pharmacy, and many others. 

Each pharmacy has different age limits (some as low as 3 years old), so please check with your pharmacy. 

High dose flu shots, recommended for people 65 and older, will only be available at pharmacies. 

WCHC will provide vaccines in our health centers for anyone who cannot be seen in a pharmacy (typically young children and people without insurance). Please call your health center to schedule an appointment (click on your health center center below for contact information).

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Childhood Immunizations

We are committed to our young patients getting all recommended vaccines. These can be done during any office visit. Please make an appointment for your young person and make sure they are all up to date.  

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