Behavioral Health Services

Services Include:

  • Brief and solution-focused psychotherapy for patients of WCHC
  • Behavioral health for adults and children
  • Educational and supportive group therapy
  • Gender Affirming Primary, Specialty, & Behavioral Health Services for youth and adults
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly care

More about our Behavioral Health Services

At WCHC, we offer Behavioral Health care including crisis counseling and brief therapy for specific behavioral issues. Services are available to all patients of WCHC including adults, adolescents and children. Our Behavioral Health providers work with you and your medical provider and care team to help you manage and achieve your health care goals. Behavioral health can support you in learning to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, work on weight management, addictions to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or food, help to reduce and manage depression and anxiety, learn to cope effectively with stress, and help with chronic pain issues. Behavioral health sessions can be anywhere from one to several visits depending upon your needs and goals.

We also offer longer term counseling and psychotherapy for adults through regular biweekly visits with a licensed mental health provider. We provide support for a wide range of presenting issues, including depression and other mood disorders, anxiety and panic, abuse and trauma issues, HIV/ AIDS issues, relationship problems, gay/ lesbian issues, and stress management. Services are available to individuals and, on a limited basis, to couples or families. The number of sessions scheduled will be based upon your medical and mental health needs and goals and are determined with your mental health provider.

If you are interested in receiving services from one of our highly qualified behavioral or mental health therapists, please click here for contact information at each of our health center locations.

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