The fire in our area has been devastating to our community, affecting many of our families and their homes. As a part of our West County Health Centers family, we would like you to know that we are available to support the health of you and your family. Please see the following information and available resources:



  • All of our health centers are open with regular hours. Please see the following link for information about our services, locations and hours: .
  • Our on-call physicians are available after hours to answer any specific medical questions or concerns. Simply call the number of your health center after hours to be transferred to our on-call physician.
  • We have staff with specialized training in emotional support, therapy and managing trauma
  • Our Wellness Center in Forestville has many resources to serve your during this time including osteopathy, stress management, medical acupuncture, herbal consultation and more. Please see the link for more information:



  • We can help with managing your medications, transferring your medications to a different pharmacy. Call us with any specific needs.
  • Link to the open pharmacies during the emergency: open pharmacies



  • We have staff who are specialized in community resources including access to insurance, food aid, and other community resources.
  • We have access to legal services through a partnership with the California Rural Legal Assistance.
  • We found the following links helpful link helpful:
  • We have found the following resource excellent for helping with housing, case management around specific needs, connecting families to available resources. It is called “ShareFire” from Petaluma People’s Services Center: Phone: 707-765-8488. Email:
  • Link to open clinic and urgent care locations: clinic and urgent care locations
  •  Link to the County Assistance Center with FEMA and other resources: Local Assistance Center


We are thankful to be part of your community and are here to help during this time.