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You can view your lab results in your portal

What do your lab results mean for you and your family?

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Viewing lab results in your portal FAQ

Why don’t I see results for all of my labs?

  • If you didn’t get your labs drawn at Quest, you may not be able to see results beyond the tests were “normal” or “abnormal”. It has to do with our computer interface with different lab companies. (Please contact your Care Team to get a copy of your labs if needed)
  • Some labs take longer than others to be processed and may be pending.
  • Your Care Team may want to talk to you in person regarding a specific lab and chose not to publish the results on the portal.

What do my results mean and how can I improve my health?

  • We have added a link to a great web resource for understanding your lab results that you may find helpful. Your Care Team would love to spend time talking to you about your results if you desire. labtestsonline.org/understanding
  • We have also included a link to the National Institute of Health – this is a great, non-biased resource to answer some of your health questions. www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus
  • Please ask your Care Team about other resources to improve your health.