Russian River Health Center -Fire 
Frequently Asked Questions

Updated September 22, 2016  7:47pm


YES, all Russian River Health Center patients are being seen in the new large medical modular building on the site of the old Russian River Health Center at the corner of Church & 3rd Street in Guerneville.


YES, Absolutely.  Russian River Health Center has been a vital source of medical care in this community for more than 40 years and we plan to rebuild a new permanent facility in the next two to three years at a new location in Guerneville.

Does THIS IMPACT my medical care?  

West County Health Centers will continue to take care of your medical needs.  The Russian River Health Center Team has access to all of your medical records.  You will continue to be able to see your usual provider, most appointments will be at our new large medical modular building on the site of the old Russian River Health Center in Guerneville at 16319 Third Street.    

  • REFILLS -  If you need help with a refill, please follow the usual protocol and call your pharmacy.  They will be able to send us your refill request through our electronic system and our medical providers will respond.  Refills that require a paper prescription will be available to pick up at the new large medical modular RRHC building.
  • LABS - We will continue to manage new lab orders through our electronic health record and can send the orders to any lab in Sebastopol or Santa Rosa.  We are working with Quest to set up a draw station in Guerneville soon.  
  • *NEW* APPOINTMENTS -  If you need to make an appointment, call the usual phone number (707) 869-2849, and we will schedule the appointment and let you know the location.  Most appointments will be scheduled in Guerneville at our new large medical modular building on the site of the old Russian River Health Center site at 16319 Third Street, Guerneville.
  • OTHER INQUIRIES - We are managing all medical records requests, referrals and other inquiries in the usual manner.  Please call if you have any questions.  


Yes, your electronic health record is in a secure location in a data center that we have access to all of the time.  

what caused the fire?

This is definetly the most frequently asked question!  The answer is that we really don't know and we may never be certain.  The fire was reported in the very early morning hours after Christmas Day and it appears that it probably started somewhere in the front of the building.  Fire and Insurance investigators are trying to determine the cause but so far they have not made any final determination.

Does West County Health Centers Have Insurance?

Yes, West County Health Centers has insurance for the Russian River Health Center building as well as Business Interruption Insurance.  All of our equipment will be replaced and the process of demolition followed by rebuilding began as soon as the fire investigation and the detailed insurance inventory was complete.


  • Donations for the Russian River Health Center "Build for the Future" Campaign are being accepted online at by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button.  Or visit our "How to Help" Page here.
  • West County Health Centers is planning a Capital Campaign to help rebuild the Russian River Health Center are get us back into full operation. We appreciate all of the positive energy and support that we have received already.  We will let people know how they can help us "Build for the Future" when we launch our campaign and have a fully developed construction plan.    


  • We will be updating information on our website .
  • We moved our Community Outreach Office site to the small modular building next to the Russian River Dental Clinic at 16312 Third Street, Guerneville, which is across the street from the Russian River Health Center, where people can drop-in for more information.


"The strength of our Health Center is in the people... our staff, our care teams, our patients and our community.  We will rebuild our Russian River Health Center building and we look forward to the opportunity to create something even better for our patients."

- Mary Szecsey, Executive Director, West County Health Centers 



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