The 2018 Annual Campaign


Dear Neighbor,

Throughout the year, healthcare teams at West County Health Centers have provided life-changing support to hundreds of people in our community every day. In the face of many challenges incuding Federal funding uncertainty and the catastrophic Sonoma County fires, our neighbors and friends keep us going. Patients and their families frequently reach out to our staff to express their appreciation and gratitute for all the care they receive that goes above and beyond the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions.

"I recently turned 65 and, thanks to the great folks at West County Health Centers, I was able to sing, dance and cut my birthday cake! Two years ago, I suffered a heart attack that resulted in a double bypass surgery. It was a frightening experience, machines were attached and I was surrounded by unfamiliar healthcare professionals at the hospital. I was worried about EVERYTHING. Then, into my room, came the smiling face of Toni Winter, RN from West County Health Centers. She put me at ease and assured me she would take care of providing the hospital with my health records, coordinating the Insurance paperwork and making sure a list of all my medications were on hand. Later, I received a visit in my hospital room from my doctor, Rhonda Berney, who brought with her a 'Get Well' card signed by dozens of my friends from the Sebastopol Community Health Center. What a welcome surprise to know they were all thinking of me and hoping for my quick recovery! I have NEVER had the care and concern from medical staff as I have found with West County Health Centers. They're like my extended family!"-Greg Champion, WCHC patient at the Sebastopol Community Health Center

For more than 40 years, West County Health Centers has maintained its commitment to provide high quality healthcare services to working families, children and teens, seniors, homeless persons and many others in need. As this year closes, we are thankful for all the support we have received from our community and we are proud to have the privilege of serving over 15,000 patients in western Sonoma County. 

Donor support is vital to our success in continuing to care for our most vulnurable community members. Can we depend on you to help us continue our work to build relationships and partnerships that support health and wellbeing for all people and provide high-quality, life changing care to our patients? We are grateful for donations of any amount. Please use the link provided to make a tax-deductible gift online.

Warmest wishes for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year!

Mary Szecsey

Chief Executive Director


The Annual Campaign


Every year West County Health Centers launches an annual fundraising campaign to help provide medical, dental, and mental health care for our uninsured patients.  Our Annual campaign allows us to continue serving thousands of low-income and uninsured community members.  In support of West County Health Centers, all of our Board of Directors and 84% of our staff have given gifts to the Annual Campaign.

Our Annual Campaign begins with a "Family Campaign" that includes our Board of Directors and our Staff, with a goal of 100% participation.  Our next phase is the "Neighbors in Health Campaign " where major donors of gifts over $5,000 are sought and given special recognition for their support.  This phase also includes challenge gifts from major donors with the expectation of matching gifts from other donors.  The final phase of our Annual Campaign is the "Network of Health" where we reach out to a broad range of people, including patients, who may be able to make smaller gifts.

All gifts matter and we greatly appreciate any contribution that will help us provide a medical home and empower patients and staff to build healthy lives and communities.


Gifts to West County Health Centers’s Annual Campaign will:

  • Subsidize the cost of uncompensated services such as lab fees
  • Increase access to health care and decrease health disparities among specific targeted populations including Latinos, seniors and HIV positive individuals.
  • Assure equal access to quality health services
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through targeted outreach and prevention focused activities for adolescents and other at-risk populations
  • Strengthen and expand existing dental, counseling and primary medical care services
  • Expand and improve disease management programs in priority clinical areas including diabetes, HIV, chronic pain, peri-natal services, cardiovascular disease, asthma, hepatitis C and substance abuse
  • Improve use of information technology to support clinical quality improvements  


What impact can your gift have?

  • $500 will provide medication, supplies and health education for a diabetic patient for one year.
  • $750 will provide 10 sessions of counseling or therapy for a depressed teenager.
  • $1,000 will provide pre-natal care and vitamins for an expectant mother.
  • $1,500 will provide 10 mental health crisis interventions that could prevent a psychiatric hospitalization or self-destructive behavior.
  • $2,500 will provide dental screenings, x-rays and cleanings for 25 uninsured children.
  • $5,000 will provide monthly support groups for patients with Hepatitis C for one year.
  • $10,000 will provide 125 visits for homebound seniors.
  • $25,000 will provide outreach and medical services to care for the homeless for ten hours a week for one year.